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rone x megg mural in australia

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Australian artists RONE and MEGGS’ impressive piece for People’s Market adorns the side wall of a house on Stanley Street in Collingwood, Melbourne and was inspired by a photograph of Sophie Van Den Akker shot by Tony Mott especially for the wall. Depicting a stunning seductress with skull in hand, the work is a perfect representation of both artists’ styles. Thanks to filmmaker Callum Preston, we’re now privy to a short film that shows the process and camaraderie that went into making the finished piece. The mural by RONE and MEGGS will be on display in Melbourne through April.


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Todd James takes flight with VistaJet

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With Todd James‘s latest exhibition “Beyond Elegance” sponsored in part by VistaJet and Bombardier Aerospace, it seems only natural that the artist would extend his work beyond the traditional realm of galleries and art shows. Following in the steps of RETNA, it appears that James has added his signature artwork to one of VistaJet’s private charter planes. The plane in question (and potentially a mock-up) sports James’s bright and bold artwork on the tail and serves as a nice counterpoint to the rest of the plane’s sleek, silver exterior. Let us know what you think below.

Dark Manhattan Photos from Grotesk

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I send my positive vibrations to my friends and all the people in Manhattan without electricity. I hope everything will come back to normal soon. Here are three shots I took from my roof at 10:30pm last night.

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

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We pray for those that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.
We here were blessed to have a few branches and wind rub against us but some others weren’t so fortunate.

-AlmostFamous LLC.

Saber for Nuart 2012

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SABER FOR NUART 2012 from NUART on Vimeo.

Pose, Guage & Vizie in Stockholm

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Pose, Gauge & Vizie by 4608 from 4608 on Vimeo.